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All homes are open on May 4 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a link to the virtual tour book and a map of the residences. Docents will greet you at each home. Please visit at any time during the four-hour window. 

50 Rockaway Ave 2.jpg

50 Rockaway Ave

Homeowners: Simon and Kaya Frechette

Neighborhood: Clifton
Green Technologies: Mini-splits, solar, Electric Vehicle charger

24 Central St-exterior.JPG

24 Central St

Homeowners: Sam and Vivian Bennett

Neighborhood: Shipyard
Green Technologies: Air Source Heat Pump, solar, hybrid electric heat pump and water heater

34 Pinecliff-exterior.jpg

34 Pinecliff Dr

Homeowners: Jane and George Hooper

Neighborhood: Wyman Woods
Green Technologies: Tesla Solar Glass Roof


56 Norman St

HomeownersSabin and Kurt James

Neighborhood: Old Town
Green Technologies: Air Source Heat Pump for heat, Electric Vehicle charger

28 Naugus-external.jpg

28 Naugus Ave

Homeowners: Ed and Frances Nilsson

Neighborhood: Naugus Head
Green Technologies: Three generations of solar collectors, Air Source Heat Pump with air handler, and an induction stove

44 Longview Street View.jpg

44 Longview Dr

HomeownersEileen Haley Mathieu and Owen Mathieu

Neighborhood: Longview
Green Technologies: Mini-splits, Electric Vehicle charger, insulation

53 Longview Street view.JPG

53 Longview Dr

Homeowners: Palma Bickford and Douglas Steely

Neighborhood: Longview
Green Technologies: Water with Air to Water Heat Pump, High Velocity Air Handler, Insulation, Electric Vehicle charger, no fossil fuels, radiant floor

10 Longview Dr W-external.jpg

10 Longview Dr West

HomeownersDylan and Linda Vizy

Neighborhood: Longview
Green Technologies: Solar, Air Source Heat Pump, Mini-splits, Electric Vehicle charger, all electric appliances

10 surf - front.jpeg

10 Surf St

Homeowner: Lynn Nadeau

Neighborhood: Clifton near Preston Beach
Green Technologies: Tankless hot water heater, Induction stove, Energy-free clothes drying, Heat pump utilizing existing ductwork

66 Pitman - front.jpg

66 Pitman Rd

Homeowners: Lisa and Steve Wolf

Neighborhood: Naugus Head
Green Technologies: Fully Net Zero House, solar, Electric Vehicle charger


19 Russell St

Homeowners: John Livermore and Kelley O’Malley

Neighborhood: Old Town
Green Technologies: Rooftop solar, Heat pump water heater with CO2 refrigerant

Anchor 1

5 Whittier Rd

Homeowners: David and Damaris Berner

Neighborhood: Naugus Head
Green Technologies: Mitsubishi hyperheat heat pump for cold weather environments, 6 in-room mini-splits, rooftop solar, heat pump hot water heater, and an induction stove.

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