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10 Longview Dr West


Homeowners: Dylan and Linda Vizy


Neighborhood: Longview


Equipment installed: 3 heat pump condensers and 5 in-room mini-splits that are individually controlled; 29 Q-Cell Panel with 29 Enphase Micro-Inverter Solar PV System.


Date of Installation:  Heat pump – 2017; Solar panels – 2022.

Dylan and Linda Vizy had purchased their 1956 Tri-Level Split home in 2004. In 2017, with encouragement from neighbors and after some research, they decided to start the process of weening off of fossil fuels by adding an air source heat pump system to replace their oil boiler.  The heat pump is designed to work in temperatures as low as negative 15F. It heats about 85% of the home, and the benefit in the summer is that it also air conditions most of the house on hot/humid days. It has three outdoor condensers that are connected to five indoor units.


In 2018 the kitchen was renovated, and all the appliances as well as a washer and dryer were replaced with electric units that are all up to the latest Energy Star standards of efficiency.  The family purchased a plug-in hybrid in 2020 that they charge via a dedicated standard 110V outlet. With so much of the home fully electrified, they decided to install a 11.6 kW solar system to offset all of the increased electricity usage. Their solar system was sized to prepare for future days when even more output is needed after the oil heat and hot water systems are eventually removed from their home.


The house is well insulated with thermal retaining double-pane windows and roll insulation in the attic.  Additional insulation is being planned and will be eligible for the new federal incentives through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that went into effect this year.

Green Technology 

10 Longview Dr W-solar panels.jpg

Solar panels

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Heat pump condensor

10 Longview Dr W-minisplit.jpg


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