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28 Naugus Ave


Homeowners: Ed and Frances Nilsson


Neighborhood: Naugus Head


Equipment installed: Rooftop PV solar; air source heat pumps; induction stove


Date of Installation:  Rooftop solar and Heat Pumps – 2019; Induction Stove – 2021

For four decades, Ed and Frances Nilsson have experimented with active and passive solar systems and other hybrid technologies.  Built in 1982, their 2500 square foot, 3-bedroom house features passive solar to naturally warm their residence in winter months.  Other features include electrified heating and cooling as well as one of the first rooftop solar installations in town.


In 2019, older and less efficient solar panels on the house were replaced with a more efficient 7kW photovoltaic system with 345-watt panels.  In the same year, an upgraded low-temperature heat pump was installed.  They’ve also added an induction stove for cooking.  


With all of their upgrades, their net zero house is fully-electric and is powered by the sun.

Green Technology 

28 Naugus-rooftop solar.jpg

Rooftop solar panels


Induction stove

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