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Take Action When You Go Out

When Traveling

  • Since more than a quarter of Marblehead’s carbon emissions come from the cars we drive, consider buying or leasing an electric car or plug-in hybrid. Visit the Marblehead Electric Department website for current incentives on electric vehicles and chargers. 

  • Don’t idle your car, especially near schools and playgrounds. Idling for more than 5 minutes is illegal in Massachusetts. Read our No Idling Campaign fact sheet.

  • Walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation. Read our “Smart Bicycling” fact sheet

  • Always use public trash and recycling receptacles or bring your trash home to be disposed of properly. Pick up litter, particularly near storm drains that run into the ocean. Put your trash and recycling in bins with lids so they don’t litter the street if animals get into them or there’s a strong wind.

  • Traveling 1,000 miles by air generates approximately 500 pounds of carbon emissions per passenger. To learn how you can offset these carbon emissions, click here


When Shopping

  • Use reusable bags for all purchases. Cloth bags are best.

  • Get a wheeled cart for groceries and walk to the grocery store to shop.

  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where most fresh foods are kept.

  • Avoid buying foods with excessive packaging.

  • Choose drinks and condiments in aluminum cans or glass bottles.

  • Buy organic and local food whenever possible and stock up on freezable food at the Marblehead Farmers Market or farm stands. For more information on the Marblehead Farmers Market, click here.

  • To buy directly from a local farm, find community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs here

  • Shop locally instead of at big box stores.


When Eating Out

  • Make it a practice to carry a reusable water bottle or coffee mug.

  • Skip the straw. Buy a metal straw and straw cleaning brush instead.

  • Buy bamboo eating utensils and reusable containers when eating on the go.

  • When ordering takeout food, ask for paper or compostable containers.​

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