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10 surf - front.jpeg

10 Surf St


Homeowner: Lynn Nadeau


Neighborhood: Clifton - near Preston Beach

Green Technologies: Tankless hot water heater, Induction stove, Energy-free clothes drying, Heat pump utilizing existing ductwork



This ocean viewing home was built as a summer house in 1910 and was used for many years as an inn for visiting engineers and employees of GE. It has been owned by Lynn Nadeau since 1971. The home includes many sustainable elements including:

  • A tankless hot water heater that was installed in 2019

  • An induction stove

  • Energy-free clothes drying with an outdoor line in the garden and an indoor rack when the weather is bad

  • No air conditioning is needed due to original construction of porch with roof shading the first floor as well as abundant double hung windows.

  • Heat retaining curtains

  • Partial heating from heat pumps using existing ductwork

Green Technology 

Lynn Nadeau heat pump.jpg

Heat Pump Condenser

10 surf - tankless water heater.heic

Tankless water heater

10 surf - garden clothesline.jpeg

Garden with clothes line

10 surf - induction stove.heic

Induction stove

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