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44 Longview Street View.jpg

44 Longview Dr


Homeowners: Eileen Haley Mathieu & Owen Mathieu


Neighborhood: Longview


Equipment installed: Air Source Heat Pumps and 5 room Mini-splits in 2 zones.


Date of Installation:  2017

Owen and Eileen Mathieu have owned their 1938 Colonial with 2940 square feet since 1984. In 2017 they installed an air source heat pump with mini-splits to cool and heat the first and second floors.  Their oil burner is still in place and used to heat the third floor and as supplemental heat on the other floors on very cold days.


Extra insulation was added in 2022 with spray foam around rim joists and crawl spaces and blown-in cellulose. New double hung windows were installed in 2021.


Their plug-in hybrid is charged on an outside outlet with 220 V.

Green Technology 

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44 Longview Heat Pump Exterior.JPG

Heat Pump 

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