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53 Longview Street view.JPG

53 Longview Dr


Homeowners: Palma Bickford and Douglas Steely


Neighborhood: Longview


Equipment installed: Air to Water heat pump with High Velocity air handler; includes 4-zone hot water heat to original radiators.


Date of Installation:  November 2022

Built in 1950, Palma and Doug bought this 2000 sq ft traditional Cape in 1991. Over the  years, they installed cellulose and foam insulation in the walls, roof, and basement sills. More recently, the aging gas boiler was starting to have challenges and the high velocity (HV) air handler was also aging. Low ceilings eliminated the ability to install a mini-split system or full air duct replacement. An Air to Water Heat Pump (AHWP) with a new high velocity (HV) air handler was the best all-electric solution.  They found a contractor who could install a AWHP and HV air handler replacement without reconstructing rooms or removing radiators. The new systems work well in all weather conditions – even at -9F.

Green Technology 

53 Longview Hot water radiator.JPG

Hot water radiator

53 Longview Heat Pump.JPG

Heat pump

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