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66 Pitman - front.jpg

66 Pitman Rd


Homeowners: Lisa and Steve Wolf


Neighborhood: Naugus Head


Equipment installed: LG Solar Panels with Solar Edge inverter, all electric appliances, Electric hot water, Mitsubishi air source heat pump condenser with three air handlers


Date of Installation:  Construction 2016-17 with occupancy in May 2017

Lisa and Steve Wolf embarked on new construction in 2016 based on the design featured in architect/author Sara Susanka's book The Not So Big House. With the goal of achieving net zero energy consumption, they incorporated energy efficient design elements into this 2900 ft2 home that were available using standard construction materials and techniques. The house is fully electric with a ducted Mitsubishi air source heat pump providing heating and cooling. With the 44 panel solar array, the house is actually net positive, generating ~15% more electricity than is used on an annual basis which translates to enough energy to power an electric vehicle for the year.

Construction Approach: Panelized construction of framing shell provided tight joinery and limited construction waste; combination foam/fiberglass insulation provided sealing and high R value; standard production double-paned windows/doors

Builder/Installers: Acorn Deckhouse, Blue Water Builders, SunBug Solar

Costs (Solar): $46K before incentives; $31K after incentives - system has paid for itself in 6 years

Green Technology 

66 Pitman - heat pump.jpg

Heat Pump Condenser

66 Pitman - rooftop solar.jpg

Rooftop Solar

66 Pitman - air handlers.jpg

Air handlers

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