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24 Central St


Homeowners: Sam and Vivian Bennett


Neighborhood: Shipyard


Equipment installed: 60 gallon heat pump hot water heater; two heat pump condensers and seven in-room mini splits; 22 solar panels with 22 inverters. 


Date of Installation:  Hot water heater-April 2022; heat pumps and minisplits-September 2022; rooftop solar-October 2022.

Sam and Vivian Bennett's home was purchased in 1988. It was built in 1910 and has 2200 square feet. It was heated by a gas furnace until 2022, when a heat pump system was installed after the gas furnace became inoperable. Also in 2022, a heat pump water heater was installed after the gas water heater became inoperable. To further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a solar energy system was installed later in 2022 following a roof replacement. When electricity is needed from the grid, such as nighttime requirements, it is 100% carbon free through Marblehead Light’s new "Go Green Now" program.

Green Technology 

24 Central St-water heater.JPG

Water heater

24 Central St-heat pump condensor.JPG

Heat Pump Condenser

24 Central St-solar roof.jpeg

Rooftop solar panels

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