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Take Action with Your Children

  • Explore: Spend time outdoors to develop a deeper appreciation for our important connection to the planet--reflect via nature journaling, phenology walks, nature-based activities, and get to know the green spaces in your town and neighboring towns.

Colleen Parenteau, Tower School Science Teacher and Garden Coordinator, has prepared these Marblehead-based nature guides:

Autumn Seed Saving and Sowing to Support Native Pollinators

Meet The Trees of Steer Swamp Conservation Area

The Night Tree and Feeding Winter Birds

Wild About Wetlands

  • Educate: Watch films and read books on sustainability and include a diversity of authors and perspectives.

  • Consume responsibly: Calculate your family’s carbon footprint as a concrete way to help your children understand the resources they use on a daily basis, identify ways to use fewer resources, and ultimately live more sustainably.

  • Reduce:  

- what is making its way to the landfill and start composting

- harsh household cleaners with those with natural ingredients and experiment with homemade alternatives 

water consumption 


  • Stop: Idling, and reduce the time spent driving around town. Consider spending more time on foot, bike or scooter.  Track the number of car rides, distances, and fuel fill-ups per week.  

  • Clean up: Remove trash on the bike path, beaches, playgrounds and fields, and collect data that contributes to scientific research and a cleaner planet.

  • Speak up: Become a Climate Action Hero, while also writing to local leaders encouraging them to support beneficial environmental policy.

  • Donate:

- a portion of allowance/gift money to a local environmental organization

- give away, swap or sell items you no longer need to alleviate landfill waste and help others 

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