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50 Rockaway Ave 2.jpg

50 Rockaway Ave


Homeowners: Simon and Kaya Frechette


Neighborhood: Clifton


Equipment installed: Electric Vehicle Charger, 12.8 kW photovoltaic system, 1 heat pump condenser and 3 in-room minisplits that are individually controlled.


Date of Installation:  2019 - 2021

Simon and Kaya purchased their mid-century modern 1900 sq ft. ranch after getting married in 2013.  The house was almost all original from 1955, including the dishwasher and the coral boomerang Formica counters. The house was heated with the original oil furnace and cooled with an older central AC system, both with only one zone.  In 2019 they installed a charger for their electric vehicles. In 2020, they installed a 12.8 kW photovoltaic system. When the central AC system failed in 2021, they replaced it with a Mitsubishi air source heat pump system, including 1 condenser and 3 indoor mini-splits for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter (supplemented by a replacement gas furnace). Over the last ten years, they have also added dozens of trees, pollinator and food gardens, an indoor hydroponic garden, a rain barrel, and a clothesline to the property.

Green Technology 

ev charger.jpg

Electric Vehicle Charger


Heat Pump Condenser

50 Rockaway Ave.jpg

Solar panels

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