Preserving Our Past by Protecting Our Future

Our Mission and Vision

We are a community organization working to reduce waste and pollution and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040. Our vision is a vibrant and engaged community actively addressing the climate crisis to ensure our town and planet are habitable and safe for future generations.

SM Position on Peaker Plant


Sustainable Marblehead recognizes MMWEC’s obligation to provide adequate power to meet peak demand. At the same time, the cost and capacity of battery storage has changed dramatically during the six years since the project was first designed in 2015.


We request that MMWEC further pause this project and allow for third-party analysis.


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October 20, 3-4 pm

Children K – 6th grade
Arts and Crafts with natural materials

Marblehead Arts Association,

Register at Nature Arts & Crafts

November 11, 10-11 am

Children all ages

Nature Exploration

Hawthorn Pond, meet at Rail Trail 

entrance near Tower School

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Use reusable cloth bags for produce.

10 Simple Things You Can

Do for the Planet

Halloween Tips

Boo! Make this Halloween less SCARY for the environment!


Follow these simple tips!

Some ideas include

  • Making your own costumes

  • Composting pumpkins

  • Making eco-bricks with wrappers

  • Getting creative with decorations

Sustainable Marblehead in Action

Sea-themed bike racks are installed around Marblehead. Thanks to Bruce and Judy Eissner who donated the bike racks, working with Sustainable Marblehead and the Recreation and Parks Department.

They’re a great reminder that bicycling is fun, healthy, and safe and doesn’t leave a carbon footprint.

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Our Working Groups