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We are a community organization working to reduce waste and pollution and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040. Our vision is a vibrant and engaged community actively addressing the climate crisis to ensure our town and planet are habitable and safe for future generations.

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An average two-person household has a carbon footprint of 47 tons of CO2 equivalent per year. The largest energy hogs are transportation (air travel, car manufacturing, and car fuel), home (construction, water, oil, natural gas, and electricity), food, goods, and services. Calculate your carbon footprint here


Learn more by watching our recent event, Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle.




Marblehead Ocean Week

June 5–12

June 5: Green Technology

June 6: Green Boating

June 7: Storm Drains/Stormwater

June 8: Beach Conservation

June 9: Beach Conservation

June 10: Microplastics Awareness

June 11: Habitat/Oyster Restoration

June 12: All Themes

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Use reusable cloth bags for produce.


10 Simple Things You Can

Do for the Planet

Marblehead Town Meeting

Town Meeting took almost four hours in one night. All of the articles we supported passed, except #47. Although this article did not pass, we as individuals can take responsibility and transition to either a battery-powered solution or just sweep and vacuum the leaves to minimize the airborne particles and carbon emissions.

Outdoor Challenge

Explore. Play. Discover.

Let's Go Outside

Get ready for some fun, adventure and even peaceful moments when you challenge your family to enjoy 60 hours per month outside from March-May.

Details are on this flyer. You can log hours on either the sandcastle or flower tracking sheet. For ideas and inspiration, join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram.

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