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Preserving Our Past by Protecting Our Future

Our Mission and Vision

We are a community organization working to educate and engage the Marblehead community to reduce waste and pollution and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040. Our vision is a vibrant and engaged community actively addressing the climate crisis to ensure our town and planet are habitable and safe for future generations.

We can't make progress
without you.

Sustainable Marblehead has been working hard to reduce single-use plastics, educate residents about green energy, and keep our beaches and oceans clean. We need your help to continue to make progress. Your generous donation during our annual appeal can make a profound impact.


Please donate today!


Improve Energy Efficiency with a Heat Pump

Looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency? 

If you’re looking for a clean heating and cooling system that can be installed almost anywhere in endless configurations, air-source heat pumps are the versatile and efficient solution for your home. Learn more here. Watch a recent Webinar here.



Use reusable cloth bags for produce.


10 Simple Things You Can
Do for the Planet

Get a Composting Starter Pack!

The Health Department is providing free bins to the first 50 new households that sign up for curbside collection with Black Earth Compost and Sustainable Marblehead will contribute a compostable bin liner and helpful tip sheet.  Sign up today!

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Let's Plant Trees Together



Do you want to support the planting and maintenance of appropriate, native, low-maintenance trees to enhance Marblehead's tree canopy? 

You'll help reduce heat loads, carbon levels, air pollution and storm runoff. 

Click here for more. And watch a video of the team in action. (Credit: James Maroney, Marblehead TV)

Special thanks to our Community Champion Sponsors

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