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Hot Water Solutions Comparison Guide


Electric resistance hot water tank


The most conventional method to heat water that doesn’t burn fossil fuels directly to do the heating. However, they tend to draw more electricity than needed to keep the water in the tank at an optimal temperature. Life expectancy is only 8 to 12 years. Read the Fact Sheet.


On-demand tankless water heater

On-demand/tankless water heaters are more efficient than a tank-based water heater. They only operate when needed to provide hot water. They can utilize electric resistance as the heat source or incorporate a natural gas/propane burner. Lasts 15 to 20 years. Read the Fact Sheet.


Heat pump hot water heater

An extremely energy-efficient system that collects heat from the surrounding air and transfers it into a water tank to heat the water. Electricity powers the transfer. In extreme demand situations, there is a backup of electric resistance. Lasts 13 to 15 years. Read the Fact Sheet.


Solar hot water​


Heating water with the free energy of the sun. Lowers utility bills and environmentally friendly. Solar does have higher up-front costs, and temperature results will vary by climate. The system is dedicated to water. Life expectancy is over 20 years. Read the Fact Sheet.

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