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Clean Energy & Public Policy

Our mission is to pursue policy and purchasing changes that will increase our town’s use of renewable and clean energy and reduce our use of fossil fuels so Marblehead can achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Climate Vision Report
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Now that Marblehead has set a goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040, the next step is to develop a climate action plan to make that goal a reality. To address this urgent need, the Green Marblehead Committee created a sustainability visioning document and plan. Click here to read it.

Town Sustainability Manager
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Sustainable Marblehead has recommended that the town hire a sustainability manager to work with town departments and residents to reduce our use of fossil fuels and transition to clean, green energy. Other towns have found that funding such a position saves money far beyond the salary and benefit costs while also reducing carbon emissions.

Decarbonizing the Electric Grid
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Given the move to electrify transportation and home heating, it is important that our sources of electricity are carbon free. Currently, Marblehead’s electric supply is 47.9% carbon-free — so more work is needed.

EVs & Public Chargers
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Since more than a quarter of our carbon emissions come from the cars we drive, transitioning to electric vehicles is an important part of our effort to become carbon free. We are encouraging residents to go electric, and MMLD is working to expand the number of public EV chargers. For information on costs and rebates:

Green Energy Consumers

Mass. Offers Rebates - EV

Municipal Light EV Incentives

Save Energy, Save Money, Protect the Planet Talk
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Click on the links below for the video and documents from the November 13, 2022, talk, "Save Energy, Save Money, Protect the Planet," sponsored by Sustainable Marblehead and the Unitarian Church.

Click here for video. 

Click on the following links for documents: PowerPoint presentation, Air Source Heat Pump Fact Sheet, ASHP Assessment Program, NextZero Brochure, Electrify Your House, Homeowner Checklist

SM Position on Peaker Plant
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Sustainable Marblehead recognizes MMWEC’s obligation to provide adequate power to meet peak demand. At the same time, the cost and capacity of battery storage has changed dramatically during the six years since the project was first designed in 2015. Click here for recent article.

We request that MMWEC further pause this project and allow for third-party analysis.

Click here for the full statement

Recent Accomplishments

  1. Sponsored and passed two warrant articles at Town Meeting, one setting a goal of using 100% carbon-free energy in electricity production, building energy use, and transportation, and another implementing stricter energy efficiency standards for new residential construction.

  2. Participated in meetings to identify the town's greatest climate-related vulnerabilities and develop a plan to address them. To read Marblehead's Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) report, click here.

  3. Assisted the town in creating the Green Marblehead Committee and developed a Climate Action Plan Framework to help guide the committee in its work. Our two representatives helped devleop the committee's visioning document, Marblehead Climate Vision: Charting a Path to Carbon Neutrality by 2040, which was adopted unanimously by the Board of Selectment. The next step is for the town to develop a climate action plan. To read the town visioning document, click here. To read our Climate Action Plan Framework click here.

  4. Worked with the Marblehad Municipal Light Department (MMLD) on a proposal to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to identify the best locations for in-town renewable energy projects. As a result of the study, MMLD is looking at installing solar panels on the roof of the new Brown Elementary School and developing a solar array on town-owned land.

  5. Worked with MMLD on a grant proposal to fund public electric vehicle charging stations. As a result of the grant the town received, new charging stations were installed at Rounhouse Road and the Mary Alley Municipal Building in addition to the two public chargers already available in the MMLD parking lot. With the help of MMLD, the town has also purchased its first electric vehicle.

  6. Worked to educate the public, including sponsoring a forum on what other cities and towns are doing to reduce their carbon emissions, a Green Home and Car Show, and a Green Heating Solutions webinar.

  7. Actively participate in Massachusetts Climate Action Networks (MCAN) educational and networking programs and statewide discussions about renewable energy standards for municipal light departments like ours.


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