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Bike Marblehead

Our mission is to advocate for safe and accessible bicycling and walking in Marblehead. Our goal is to get people out and about safely on bikes and create a cycling and walking culture in our town — while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

Smart Bicycling
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Whether you are a new or an experienced cyclist, Bike Marblehead recommends that every rider learn and practice these Smart Cycling tips and techniques from the LAB. They will give you the skills and confidence to make your riding easier and more enjoyable.

Community Rides
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Bike Marblehead encourages everyone to get out and ride their bike; one of the ways is by sponsoring Community Bike Rides. These are recreational, hour-long rides around town scheduled on evenings and weekends during summer and early fall. They are an opportunity to meet other cyclists and practice riding with a group in a safe and organized fashion. 2021 Rides will be posted here when scheduled.

Bike Facilities
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Bike Marblehead is recognized within our community as a stakeholder for bicycling advocacy. We provided input to the town Complete Streets committee to identify and prioritize cycling and pedestrian infrastructure needs. In 2020, we actively participated in the town’s redesign of the Rail Trail. View proposed bike and pedestrian projects on the town’s Complete Streets Priority list here. View the town's new Rail Trail design here.

Cycle Sense
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Bike Marblehead strives to broaden and enrich the cycling culture in our town. Cycle Sense is an ongoing series of articles appearing in the Reporter and online highlighting riding skills and good practices, biking trends, and activities in nearby communities.

Read Cycle Sense articles:

Ride Ready

Think Ahead

Be Predictable

Follow the Law

Outstanding and Standing Out


What's New

Our Own Rides

Bike Racks
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Created an inventory of bike racks throughout the town, and we used it to identify needs and facilitate installing more. Partnering with local donors, we installed 10 new bike racks in public spaces this past spring.

Bike Rodeos
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Bike Rodeos provide elementary and middle school children with the opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate bike handling skills in a fun, safe and encouraging atmosphere. We partner with local schools and other organizations to conduct one or two a year. 2021 Rodeos will be posted here when scheduled.

Recent Accomplishments

  1. Created Cycle Sense, a regular series of articles highlighting bicycle riding skills, techniques and best practices; current trends; and activities in neighboring communities published in the Marblehead Reporter and online.

  2. Organized a series of Community Bike Rides during the summer of 2019 in cooperation with different town departments.

  3. Provided input to the town’s Complete Streets committee regarding bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure needs and priorities. Surveyed town bicycle riders in 2019 and 2020, presented findings to the Green Marblehead Committee. Actively participated with Towle Engineering in the 2020 Rail Trail redesign.

  4. Created Smart Bicycling; a concise, single page fact sheet highlighting smart cycling tips and techniques to improve a bicycle rider’s skills and confidence.

  5. Sponsored Bike Rodeos for children in 2018 and 2019 in partnership with local schools and other organizations.

  6. Completed an inventory of bicycle racks and identified the greatest needs within the town. Worked with local government, business and community groups to secure funding and facilitate installation of new racks.

  7. Advocated to our MA state senator and representative for Bicycling and Pedestrian legislative initiatives.

  8. Affiliated with other local, state and national Bicycle advocacy groups including Bike Beverly, MassBike, and League of American Bicyclists. Participated in MassBike’s Bike Month by sponsoring a local bike/walk scavenger hunt and Haiku contest.

  9. Supported MA Safe Routes to School initiative by participating in multiple Bike / Walk / Roll to School Days, joining riders and handing out stickers at school locations.

  10. Demonstrated our advocacy by bicycling and walking in a number of local events, e.g. Christmas Walk Parade, Sustainable Marblehead Fair and Earth Day activities.


Join Us

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TBD of most months, 7-8:30 p.m. via Zoom

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