Transportation Working Group


Transportation Working Group

Transforming the Ways We Travel

Sustainable Marblehead’s Transportation Working Group is deeply aware that the only energy sector in the US and our town that continues to emit more, rather than less, CO2 is transportation. Our goals include:


  • Reducing our carbon imprint and the associated pollution from private automotive and public fleet sources by:          

    • Promoting and supporting a transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs),

    • Installing public chargers throughout the community,

    • Improving cycling and walking infrastructure,

    • Addressing the ever-present issue of car and truck idling.

  • Promoting and supporting the Massachusetts Department of Transportation's Complete Streets program.

  • Improving public transport options to and from Marblehead.

  • Working with state and town officials to establish a permanent Safe Routes to School program.


In the past year, the Transportation Working Group has accomplished the following:


  1. Produced two town-wide events introducing EVs and enabling citizens to test drive them.

  2. Worked with the Marblehead Municipal Light Department to apply for and receive seven EV chargers funded by the Volkswagen fines through the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The first three will be installed at the town office building on Widger Road, the public parking at Roundhouse Road and the Community Center parking lot. Once those are installed, the next four locations will be Devereux Beach, Clifton Improvement Association/Preston Beach, and two Marblehead houses of worship.

  3. No-Idling Campaign

    1. Working extensively with the High School Green Honors Society, we promoted the message via the town Christmas Walk, launched and carried out a ‘no-idling’ campaign at the high school (pre-Covid), and students are working on a ride-share program.

    2. Town-wide, we have just launched a ‘let ‘em know’ campaign through which we ask people to note trucks that idle more than five minutes and write to the associated company. We are asking them to be good community members and have their drivers turn off their trucks.

  4. Bicycling

    1. Continue to distribute and use our original BIVER (biker/driver) safety videos

    2. Advocated for both grants to our Planning Department to improve the rail trail. It is feeling a lot better to bike there these days!

    3. Working with the town Tree Warden and Planning Department to install bike racks on streets where the new trees will go, as well as other common usage areas, like the Post Office and the Community Center.

    4. Advocating for an expanded bike share program on the North Shore that will include Marblehead.

  5. Broaden Lateral Transit on the North Shore -- We have been in conversation with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation about extending the route of the 441 and 442 buses so that they do not dead-end in Marblehead, but continue via West Shore Drive (an area that has never had easily accessible mass transit) into Salem Center, and return the same way.

  6. State Legislation -- We will continue to research and support legislation that addresses improved and expanded transportation and its intersection with social justice, emissions and accessibility throughout Marblehead and the North Shore.


Please join us!

Marblehead, Mass., USA