Transportation Working Group


Transportation Working Group

Transforming the Ways We Travel

Sustainable Marblehead’s Transportation Working Group is deeply aware that the only energy production sector in the U.S. that continues to emit more, rather than less CO2, is transportation. Our goals include:

  • Reducing our carbon imprint and the associated pollution from private automotive and public fleet sources by promoting a transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

  • Making our town a welcoming one for EVs by installing public chargers throughout the community.

  • Increasing opportunities for cycling and walking by residents and visitors by advocating for appropriate road work, infrastructure change, and education, and by creating bridges to other town organizations and businesses that would benefit from this shift.

  • Addressing the ever-present issue of car and truck idling.

  • Promoting and supporting the Massachusetts Department of Transportation's Complete Streets program.

  • Working with state and town officials to establish a permanent Safe Routes To School program.


Since its establishment in May 2017, the Transportation Working Group has accomplished the following:

  1. Produced a well attended EV exhibit at the October 2018 Sustainability Fair, enabling hundreds of people to test drive actual EVs and pose questions to their manufacturers, as well as get information on state subsidy programs.

  2. Surveyed sites for possible public EV charging stations.

  3. Worked with the Marblehead School Department to display ‘No Idling’ signs on school properties. 

  4. Created four BIVER (Biker/Driver) safety videos to be used in promoting the safe sharing of streets:

  5. Created the BIKE MARBLEHEAD group. BIKE MARBLEHEAD is busy supporting improvements to our rail-trail, advocating for a bike-friendly town infrastructure, and has already sponsored a Bike Rodeo at the Tower School (September, 2018). 

  6. Completed a survey of available bike racks throughout the town.

Please join us!

Marblehead, Mass., USA