Reducing Your Carbon Footprint



What can you do to reduce your carbon footprint? climate-diet


You might not do it all, but you can do something! 

There are many ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels in four main areas: 


Heating your home - and cooling it: 

Use a programmable thermostat to moderate inside temperature and dress appropriately adjusting-your-thermostat/

Fill holes and insulate insulation-the-missing-key-to-energy-efficiency/

Replace broken or moribund furnaces with heat pumps heat-pumps-home-heating/

When time for a new water heater, consider a tankless high-efficiency-water-heater-reviews/


Transporting yourself and family: 

Avoid unnecessary private car trips walk, bike or take public transportation

When you are in your car, don't idle (more than 5 minutes is illegal!)

When it's time for a new car, go electric! are-electric-cars-better-for-the-environment

Be errand efficient and carpool

Fly less (!?) airplanes


Electric usage: 

Unplug vampire (suckers) vampire-energy

Use appliances on off-peak times of use what-are-peak-demand-charges

Go solar solar-panels/massachusetts

Call the Marblehead Light Commission to urge them to join other municipal light departments in purchasing and producing more renewable power.  Currently, only about half of the electricity we use comes from renewable or carbon-free sources, which impedes our ability to make progress on carbon emission reductions as we transition to electric cars and air source heat pumps to hear our homes.  We can and must do better!  Read this report to learn what other

MLP’s are doing:  


      to buy green

      to encourage individual electricity production like solar, 

      to institute variable time of use pricing



Buy less, use up, repair and make do  curb-your-carbon/

Eat local, leftovers, and plant-based fight-climate-change-by-preventing-food-waste

Eliminate plastics! plastic-waste-crisis-


Get informed about public policy and weigh in! (MCANmass power forwardCitizens Climate LobbyConservation Law FoundationBetter Future Project

Marblehead, Mass., USA