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Take Action in Your Home

Home Energy Use

  • Change your lightbulbs to low-energy LEDs.

  • Turn off lights when you leave a room – make it a habit.

  • Use a programmable thermostat to moderate the inside temperature and adjust your clothing for the time of the year.

  • Fill holes that let air into your home and insulate.

  • When it’s time to replace your heating system, switch from oil and gas to an air source heat pump system. For more information, read our fact sheet

  • When it’s time for a new hot water heater, consider a tankless, high-efficiency water heater.

  • Consider installing solar panels on your roof to generate your own electricity – visit the Marblehead Light Department website for information on current incentives and requirements. 

  • When it’s time to replace your appliances, choose energy efficient and non-carbon emitting appliances. Click here for information on rebates available to Marblehead Light Department customers.

  • Sign up for a free Marblehead Light Department home energy audit here.

  • If you have a gas heating system and your gas comes from National Grid, sign up for a free Mass Save energy audit.

  • Consider using sustainable bamboo for home building projects.


In the Kitchen

  • Reduce your use of plastic – learn how by reading our fact sheet.  

  • Recycle everything you can – for real-time information on what can be recycled and what can’t click here.

  • Plastic bags and soft plastic aren’t accepted by the town because they gum up the works at recycling plants, but some grocery stores will accept these plastics, which are made into TREX outdoor decking. Look for soft plastic recycling bins at grocery store entrances. 

  • Avoid polystyrene (brand name: Styrofoam) which can’t be recycled in Marblehead. You have to put it in the trash. Scientists have estimated that it may take 500 years for a single Styrofoam cup to decompose.

  • Put your trash and recycling in bins with lids so they don’t litter the street if an animal gets into them or there’s a strong wind. 

  • Compost food scraps, pizza boxes and more at the Transfer Station or sign up for Black Earth Compost’s weekly pickup service at $99/year at Black Earth Compost. Read our fact sheet on composting. 

  • Use napkins and paper towels made from 100% recycled paper or replace them with cloth napkins and reusable dish cloths. You can also knit your own dish cloths.

  • Use phosphate-free hand soap and dish detergent and consider visiting shops like MacRae’s Sustainable Goods which sell soaps and detergents that can be refilled in refillable containers. 

  • Drink tap water, not bottled water. Read our fact sheet on the benefits of drinking tap water. 

  • Use glass storage containers for leftover food instead of plastic.

  • Use mesh or fabric produce bags instead of plastic bags.

  • Use unbleached paper sandwich bags and parchment paper.

  • Use bee’s wrap instead of plastic wrap.

  • Use recycled or compostable trash bags.


In the Bathroom

  • Use phosphate-free hand and bath soap.

  • Use bars of soap wrapped in paper, not liquid soap in plastic bottles.

  • Use shampoo and conditioner that comes in bars instead of plastic bottles.

  • Swap out disposable razor blades.

  • Invest in a bamboo toothbrush.

  • Use toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper.

  • Use handkerchiefs instead of disposable tissues.

  • Go natural with cleaning agents by using lemon, baking soda, and vinegar.

  • Install a low flow shower head to save water. 

  • When it’s time to replace your toilet, consider a low flow toilet.

  • Two-thirds of water is used in the bathroom. For more ideas to  conserve water, visit the Marblehead Water and Sewer Department’s website.


In Your Home Office

  • Send documents electronically and avoid printing them out.

  • Use 100% recycled paper when you must print something.

  • Turn off office and other machines when not in use.

  • Set your printer’s default setting to two-sided printing.

  • Marblehead doesn’t accept shredded paper for recycling, but you can bring your important papers to Greif Recycling at 53 Jefferson Avenue in Salem where they will be shredded and baled for recycling at no charge. You can even ask to watch to satisfy yourself that they’re being securely shredded. 

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