Harbor Working Group

In partnership with Sailors for the Sea, to access a free Green Boating Guide please click here.

Harbor Working Group

We commit to working with the Marblehead community to create awareness and inspire action to protect our harbor and ocean

Given our town’s close connection to the sea, we recognized an opportunity to engage the community around urgent issues impacting the future health of our harbor, coastline and the ocean at large.


Since the recent Spring 2020 launch of the Harbor Working Group, we have been engaging a diverse group of harbor stakeholders including town officials, local businesses and a wide range of recreational and commercial boating organizations to inform our future direction.  As we are in the process of navigating our way forward, we continue to seek as much feedback as possible, so please contact us if you have ideas to share!


Summer 2020 Goals:

  • Green Boating Awareness: This summer we will be launching an educational campaign in collaboration with Sailors for the Sea, a leading environmental organization for the boating community.

  • Harbor Water Quality:  Assess our role in supporting ongoing efforts to mitigate risks to harbor water quality including water run-off, pollution from toxic substances, boating-related waste and other environmental impacts from our use of the waterways.

  • Support Existing Sustainable Marblehead Initiatives: Expand participation in existing SM campaigns to reduce single use plastics (on and off the water) and support existing harbor clean-ups for summer and fall.

  • Marine Industry Related Plastics: Promote recycling of marine plastics shrink-wrap usage along with reusable alternatives to boat yards and individual boat owners.

Marblehead, Mass., USA