Education Working Group

Education Working Group

Engaging Young People and Educators



The Education Working Group serves as a resource and support mechanism for schools and community organizations that serve or are run by young people. In this role, we can assist teachers, parents, students, school administrators, PTOs, and organizational and student leaders in developing environmental education programs and embedding sustainability practices in our schools.

Some examples of our role as a partner:

  • Researching and writing grants

  • Developing and implementing enrichment programs

  • Idea generation and execution of youth and community-based initiatives

  • Fostering awareness and discussion through community events and speaking engagements


2018 Accomplishments:

  • Developed the “Education Alive” portion of our town-wide Sustainability Fair focusing on activities to educate young people about sustainability and the importance of protecting our environment for future generations. The Fair attracted more than 700 attendees, including many families and children.

  • Reviewed schools’ sustainability practices with an eye toward improving these practices in the future.

  • Sponsored a Sustainability Poster Contest (“What Does Sustainability Mean to Me?”) for public and private school students that generated more than 150 entries. Winners were honored at the Sustainability Fair by State Representative Lori Ehrlich and awarded certificates and “Marblehead bucks” to be used at local retail establishments.

  • Met and formed relationships with town PTOs.

2019 Accomplishments: 

  • Created a new mission statement for our group with a focus on partnering with any and all organizations that work with youths. 

  • Researched and made contact with school and youth organization “point people” for sustainable practices/initiatives. This is and has been very beneficial on many levels — for the schools/organizations and for Sustainable Marblehead.

  • Created and executed three newsletters to the above-referenced contacts, as well as members of the Board of Health, Principals, and other interested members in the community as a means of sharing “big sustainable hits” in the community, upcoming events, opportunities for support and so forth. 

  • Executed an Earth Day/Week plan for schools, which included a video made by two MHS seniors, suggestions for activities, and EWG members volunteering at schools to assist with initiatives.

  • Mentoring a MHS Senior for her Senior Project — composting at all schools.  

  • Participated in the Marblehead Festival of the Arts Children’s Festival engaging more than 40 children in creating habitats out of recycled materials.

  • Created more than 30 t-shirt bags with Farmer’s Market attendees. 

  • Implemented Pleon Yacht Club’s Marblehead Junior Race Week as a “Clean Regatta” through Sailors for the Sea. Exceeded “Silver” status — we were awarded “Gold”!

  • Created and delivered an “Acts of Green-ness” Program for children under 10, “Green Paws”, working with the Abbot Public Library Children’s Center beginning in September with a new display and activity every two months.

  • Attended Building Committee meeting(s) to share our sustainable requests to the Building Committee for the new Bell/Gerry/Coffin School. Continue to monitor with Building Committee members input.

  • Partnered with SPUR and Sustainable Marblehead in a Beach and Ocean Cleanup Day —September, 2019.

  • Created and implemented a Children’s Fall Fair at the Hammond Center for families with children under the age of 10.  More than 150 adults and children attended; 29 activity stations were available with experiential, sustainable activities; 14 outside participants attended; volunteers from SM, Girl Scouts, MHSGSS, and the Veterans School Cornerstone Club participated.

Tentative Goals for 2020: 

  • Continue conversations with the School Committee, and begin conversations with the Village School Principal, regarding a compost pilot with the Village School. 

  • Plan a Children’s Fair.

  • Continue the “Acts of Green-ness” Program, Green Paws, working with the Abbot Public Library Children’s Center.

  • Continue to participate in the Safe Routes to School Task Force which has been focused on partnering with the Glover School (fall 2019); but we will look at the Village School for 2020.

  • Roll out educational activities and various marketing material for Earth Week.

  • Have a greater presence at the Farmer’s Market.

  • Consider events/initiatives for 2020 holidays (i.e. Halloween, Pumpkin Dump!).

  • Connect with existing youth organization partners (i.e. Girl Scouts, MHSGSS, Cornerstones) to generate ideas of how we can work together on 2020 initiatives.

  • Explore ways to reduce waste (i.e. snack wrappers and single-use plastic) at town fields and sports events.

  • Continue the newsletter — broaden its reach; showcase youth initiatives; persuade the Interim Superintendent to allow Principals to send to their faculty.

  • Partner with SPUR for a 2020 Land + Sea Clean-Up day.

  • Assist Pleon Yacht Club to not only hold Marblehead Jr. Race Week as a “Clean Regatta” (and reach for Platinum level!); but to also implement day-to-day sustainable practices, and utilize educational sustainable games and tools for sailors during “down time” (i.e. bad weather).

Marblehead, Mass., USA