Conservation Working Group

Conservation Working Group

Reducing Waste and Promoting Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Marblehead’s Conservation Working Group is acutely aware of the amount of waste our community and others are generating on a daily basis, the results of which are not sustainable. For example, it’s been estimated that unless plastic waste is reduced, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050. As a coastal community with a significant fishing industry, it’s particularly important that we take the lead in addressing this issue.


Our goals include:


  • Reducing our community’s use of plastics.

  • Increasing recycling and reducing contamination rates.

  • Promoting composting to eliminate an estimated 40% of our town’s waste stream.

  • Eliminating toxic pesticides from public and private lawns and gardens.


Among our accomplishments in 2018 were:


  • Completing an inventory of single-use plastic use by Marblehead restaurants and eating establishments and setting a goal of reducing usage by 50% in one year.

  • Developing a list of compostable alternatives to single-use plastic which is being used to encourage restaurants to switch.

  • Reducing the cost of curbside recycling by half (to $99/year) by encouraging more households to sign up with Black Earth Compost (enrollees also receive two bags of free compost in the spring).

  • Cleaning Devereux Beach twice a week during the spring, summer, and fall beach seasons to prevent plastic and other debris from going into our oceans.

  • Disseminating information about recycling and composting at the Marblehead Farmers Market and our October 2018 community-wide Sustainability Fair and in articles in the Marblehead Reporter.

Please join us!

Marblehead, Mass., USA