Bicycling/Walking Scavenger Hunt


Sustainable Marblehead and Bike Marblehead are sponsoring a Bicycling and Walking Scavenger Hunt throughout the month of September. Everyone is eligible to participate. Families are encouraged to participate as a group; friends may join together and participate as a team; or one person can enter individually. Here is how it will work. Accompanying this announcement is a list of twenty-four locations. Each location includes a brief description with clues how to find it and is accompanied by a photograph. Each participant or team must try to figure out what and where the location is, then find it themselves. If and when you find it, take your own photo, closely matching the photograph you have been given and record the name of the location. 


All the locations will be within Marblehead and accessible on public property. Since this is a local contest, it is strongly encouraged that participants either walk or ride their bicycles to search for the locations. Since a monetary prize is being awarded, it is kindly requested that participants keep their discoveries confidential.




This location is one that everyone in town has most likely seen. Can you recall where? It just received quite a facelift. 







How to enter:


Submit entries by email to:  Along with the location name and your photo, include the participant, family or team name, town of residence, and preferred contact information (cell phone or email). More than one ‘found’ location may be submitted in a single email.


For individual participants under 18 years of age, include parent or guardian contact information. Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than contacting the winner.

Entries will be accepted through September 30, 2020. 

Marblehead, Mass., USA