Sustainable Marblehead’s Impact to Date

Sustainable Marblehead is a volunteer community organization that works to educate, engage and support our town in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and waste, save money and energy, and increase quality of life.  We do this through our four working groups in the areas of clean energy and public policy, conservation, education and transportation.  The following is a list of how our accomplishments to date are impacting our community.


Clean Energy and Public Policy

  •  Promoted and assisted the Town in the creation of its new Green Marblehead Committee, which will create a vision and action plan to guide the town in its carbon emission reduction, clean energy, and sustainability efforts.  We have two representatives on the 11-member committee.

  • Carbon-Free Marblehead 2040, released in November 2019, is our framework to guide Marblehead to 100% renewable energy. This follows our Greenhouse Gas Report, released in 2018, which documented our town’s carbon emissions and will serve as a baseline to measure future emission levels.

  • Submitted a warrant article at Town Meeting 2018, overwhelming approved, mandating the Town to achieve 100% Carbon-Free Energy, including in electricity production, building energy use, and transportation.

  • Works closely with Marblehead Municipal Light Department to promote the addition of more renewable energy into MMLD’s portfolio, battery storage at utility scale, rebates for residential solar, encouraging EV adoption and town-wide EV chargers, residential storage and smart-metering.  We participate in state-wide discussions about renewable energy standards for Municipal Light Departments.

  • Our Tree Committee advocated for the hiring of the town’s Tree Warden and looks forward to supporting him in his goals of conducing an inventory of existing trees, planning for the replanting of the many trees that have been lost over the last decades, and to finding funding sources for tree planting and maintenance.



  •  Increasing awareness about composting, recycling, the impact of single-use plastics and the impact of pesticides through the distribution of materials developed by the working group.

  • The number of households signing on to Black Earth Compost’s curbside pickup service has doubled to more than 400, with the number of compost bins at the Transfer Station also doubling.

  •  Sponsors seasonal weekly cleanups of Devereux Beach, and partnered with SPUR to co-sponsor a town-wide beach and harbor cleanup, engaging 150 volunteers.



  • Educates students of all ages about environmental protection, waste reduction and sustainability.

  • Hosted a Children’s Sustainability Fair for children ages 10 and under, reaching over 100 children.

  • Works with Marblehead school department to promote composting and recycling, and with the new school building school to assist their efforts to make the school as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible.

  • Partners with youth organizations to develop and promote sustainable initiatives.

  • Partnered with Abbot library Children’s Room to develop and implement a “Green Paws” education and activity center around various these from solar as energy to understanding our “food” imprint.

  • Communicates quarterly through a newsletter to teachers, principals, parents and leaders of your organizations highlighting upcoming and past events and initiatives.



  •  Encouraged the Town to join MA’s Complete Streets program to identify infrastructure improvements to make walking and biking safer and easier; state grants are available to fund improvements.

  • Working to establish a Safe Routes to Schools program at the Glover School, paving the way to expanding the program to the new school when it opens.

  • Advocating for a transition to electric vehicles.

  • Collaborating with Marblehead High School Green Honors Society to initiate a no-idling campaign.

  • Conducted a survey of existing bike racks and advocates for bicycle awareness and infrastructure.

  • Created four Bike/Driver safety videos, available on our website.

  • Bike Marblehead committee is promoting safe biking in town with regular community bike rides and two-family bike rodeos.


As an organization, Sustainable Marblehead has engaged and educated over 1000 residents who have participated in our lectures, activities, and events, including a town-wide Sustainability Fair in 2018. We are a resource for current news on environmental issues, local, national and global, with our regular Facebook posts.  We offer informative lectures throughout the year on issues facing our town.


Sustainable Marblehead is committed to encouraging every resident to live as sustainably as possible.  We support their efforts by advocating for legal initiatives that enforce scientifically proven best policies on energy and waste. 

Marblehead, Mass., USA